Morbidetto von Gyubal Wahazar


From the play “Gyubal Wahazar” written by Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz in 1921, i chose the character of Morbidetto to work with.
Morbidetto is a hangman without conscience. He knows what’s right and wrong and strictly follows the rules. He is objective and ruthless and not able to lie. The rules he is obeying, are made by a leader, whom he loves to follow. With no morality on his own, he needs someone to create the laws. But he would turn against his leader, if he’s breaking his laws, no matter what. He’s reminds me of an angry dog, like a pitbull. Besides that, Morbidetto does not seem to have a gender, he appears metrosexual. He is extravagant and fascinated by the abyss of the human soul. Morbidity and violance enlightens him. For the realisation of the costume of Morbidetto i worked togehter with Dominika Sugalska. We chose the same character, so we decided to do teamwork, which tourned out great.